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Fundraising for our degree show!

This post is about the fundraising and what we've been doing for our degree show, I will mostly be talking about things I have contributed but it is not limited to just my experiences!

Our year has made an Instagram dedicated to the work we make together and all the fundraising we do which you can access here! We decided to go with the theme of Zest, which is where my lemon cat creature came from, from this I ended up really liking the character and draw him quite a lot. ( I named him Sorbet )

We also have a Go Fund Me account too, which you can access here!

Art stalls!

A lot of the visual stuff can be found on Instagram but I want to talk about my experiences and share what I made:

We are also having an exhibition that is student-run and I contributed to making a poster for it!

Some other lemon cat and orange bunnies themed on 'zest' here:

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