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Halcyon part 2! (extended study part 1)

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

(Professional practice and extended study work modules)

I wanted to make a part 2 blog post so it breaks it up a bit more but if you want to quickly look back it's linked here!

In this blog post I'll be further updating this project while working on my professional practice stuff too :)

Zine progress:

I've been focusing a lot on my zine as a primary task while I waited for my PC to arrive and to download Quill, in the meantime I was thinking about the story and how it could look as a zine. These are some digital spreads to show this thinking. I also used information I learned from some of the lectures in too.

I made a mood board of imagery to look at while drawing to keep references and inspiration

I also handmade a font that I felt could work for my book. I've also used it in some places on my website too.

I was also quite inspired Graham Rawle's lecture and it started making me think about collage again as well as the layout for my zine and how I could play around with it a bit more, here some sketches to show this:

They might be a little hard to read but I was thinking it might be fun to play with a spread that could open up to increase the effect of anxiety in my zine so you open up the pages and suddenly there's a lot more to visually take in compared to the rest of the story. I added questions I was thinking about to this too.

VR Progress:

I have decided that I will no longer continue this project as I was no longer enjoying it. I'd much rather pick it back up when the mood and timing feels more right. As of now my mental health and passion has dwindled, however I will pick it back up later at some time in the future.

Please visit my grief and loss continuation blog post as that is what I decided to do instead finalising of this project. Thank you.

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