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Professional Practice

Updated: May 15, 2023

Business cards progress:

Here are some business cards I have previously collected. I wanted to use them as a reference and decided to sketch out some layouts that stuck out to me while adjusting them to be more suited to my preference. After this, I decided to sketch some potential ideas and what I might include in them.

Firstly, I took a screenshot of my website and decided to use it to match the colours to my cards, then I tried to take works I liked and match my card to that (the last one is a much older work but one of my favourites and decided to experiment) I prefer the last one but overall am not a fan of these.

I have since decided to try and rebrand myself according to my work in the hopes it'd help with the creation of my cards. Beforehand, I was trying to style my cards to my website but it didn't result in what I was wanting and I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted so I took a small break from this and decided to try rebranding my site itself to match my more updated works and then create cards this way. This has resulted in cards looking like this:

This is a mock-up of them as I figured it was a more professional way to present them. I have however realised a small mistake. I accidentally forgot to add the @ symbol to the email and I got 250 of them printed... oh well it'll make a funny icebreaker I suppose.

The reader!

I had some rough ideas for what I wanted my reader to look like, here's what I came up with:

I really liked the idea of making something to do with my little lemon and orange friends. Out of all the art I'm currently making, I enjoy them the most, so thought it only made sense to use them for this.

However, I had no idea how I'd make this and making physical items isn't really my strength so I decided to just keep things simple instead and make a simple little booklet.

Promotional item

I was honestly quite stumped with what to make for this, so rather than trying something too wild (which could've been cool) I decided again to go with a simple design and make a poster zine instead, both this and my reader were last minute so I was unable to print them.

Live brief!

I decided to take part in the book cover brief for the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology

here's what I made:

I particularly like the middle image, I feel it's very eye-catching while still remaining within my art style. I also made the first image and last image on more of a whim, trying more of a scene and then a colour exploration of an image I liked.

After a tutorial I decided to make a few dummy book covers seeing as I enjoyed making these. This is what I came up with:

Pecha Kucha

Download PDF • 2.32MB

Digital portfolio

Download PDF • 2.24MB


Professional Practice Evaluation-Elliott Pope
Download DOCX • 9KB

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